Winter Craft and Chat Meeting – by Margaret Carter

On December 4th, a cold and crisp day, a small gathering of a dozen or so people met at The Butterfly Gardens in Churchdown. Inside, the air was warm and welcoming. With teas and coffees in hand, chatting and catching up took place in a relaxed atmosphere. There were long-term friends to greet, and newer members to get to know. All very convivial.

A craft activity had been well-prepared by Jola, and before long we were encouraged to make Christmas cards from a range of ‘raw materials’ at our disposal. Old Christmas cards, assorted coloured glitter and crayons enabled us all to find our inner Blue Peter. It was surprising the variety of finished cards produced, all lovingly made for special family or friends.

An appetising buffet lunch had been supplied by a local supermarket, which we all heartily sampled. There was plenty for everyone. This was followed by chocolate birthday cake, for a member whose birthday was that day.

After more time to chat and clear up, it was agreed that this had been a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday. I’m sure that we all look forward to the next meeting in the spring.


Additional note by Trish Thomas

Before the event started I was delighted to discover that, in a neighbouring building, the Gloucestershire Bagpipe Group were running a rehearsal session and it was hoped that we would not be disturbed. So, in the spirit of friendship, I popped across to say ‘Don’t worry, we won’t be disturbed at all and we are delighted to have already heard some of your playing’. I even asked if they could include a quick ‘blast’ of Scotland the Brave or Flower of Scotland during their session. Ten minutes later I noticed outside a circle of people holding bagpipes and was thrilled beyond measure to be treated to both as a private performance. Strangely, I must have got some grit in my eye as suddenly they became rather watery… But my day – my 1st outing following recent medical treatments – was absolutely made!

(If you’re wondering – my maiden name was Duncan and I was born in St Andrews!)