Current Calendar of Events

After a successful first year, here’s a look ahead to what’s up and coming in 2022.
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Quarterly Meetups


Spring Amble-Ramble

Amblers can explore the town and mooch around the shops; ramblers will go off on a short ramble (~4 miles). All meet for a post-amble/ramble cream tea!



Summer Get-together

Boat trip by Severn Leisure Cruises, guided historic town tour, finishing up with cream tea refreshments in Tewkesbury Abbey refectory.



Autumn Amble-Ramble

Amblers can explore the town and mooch around the shops; ramblers will go off on a short ramble (~4 miles). All meet for a post-amble/ramble cream tea!



Pre-Christmas Get-together

Craft and chat with lunch. Full details TBC.


Residential Weekend?


In addition to our quarterly meetups, we hope to arrange a residential weekend later this year. A number of possible venues are being considered. In our past experience in organizing and/or attending Retreat Weekends, people have attended from all over the UK and made supportive contacts that would not otherwise have happened. You may like to read a write-up on the experience of attending a retreat, written by Jola, one of our community members.

The last two summers have been restrictive (to say the least!) regarding travel away from home – but now Covid concerns are lessening it seems a good time to become more ambitious in our planning. We intend to develop an additional (weekend) activity in beautiful countryside in the Autumn to add to our Quarterly Meetups calendar. We would also like to offer something for those who do not live near enough to Gloucestershire to come to the quarterly events in the county.


Are you interested in a weekend retreat?

Do you have any location suggestions?
What type of activities would interest you as part of a retreat weekend?
Let us know your thoughts!

Training & conferences


SBC Coordinator Trish has been providing support and guidance to the Police for over 20 years, including developing early protocols and speaking at Police Recruits Training Conferences to offer support and guidance on dealing with the aftermath of death by suicide. From delivering the news to signposting those grieving to information, this training can support officers in what is often regarded as ‘the worst part of the job’.

Work in this area was temporarily suspended during 2021 due to the pandemic.

Discussions are underway both to resume regular sessions and arrange catch-up events for the groups missed 2020-2021.

suicide bereavement uk’s 11th annual  conference

SBC Coordinator Trish will be delivering a Workshop Session at Suicide Bereavement UK’s 11th Internation conference. Trish’s workshop will be exploring the needs on long-term survivors and how these can be addressed. These conferences are always well attended by delegates from all parts of the UK (and outside), so this will be an opportunity to increase widely awareness of our new provision addressing hitherto unrecognized need.


Community Matters!

at the heart of sbc is community…

At the heart of SBC is community, so would you like to get involved?

Have an idea for an additional get-together you’d like to organise?
Just looking for company to attend an event?

Please feel free to get in touch and we can coordinate!

Community Offered Walking

Have a look at the offer of guided walks in beautiful Wales by one of our Community members here!